Marshfield Public Library (Lower Level) — 211 East 2nd Street — Marshfield, WI 54449 — 715-384-5867

Welcome to the Marshfield Center for History!

Important Announcement - Museum Under Renovation

The Marshfield History Museum is temporarily closed for construction.  The Lest We Forget Museum is located in what was the Marshfield Public Library.  In September, 2016, the Library moved into an adjacent new building.  Its former location then became the Community Center with Marshfield City Parks and Recreation taking control of the building.

This meant changes for our Museum.  A new lease was developed and we requested and were given additional space, in addition to our Lest We Forget Museum.  Plans for the building (except for our space) needed to be drawn up.  Asbestos removal became a necessity because of reconstruction of the building.  That process is scheduled for completion mid-June.  After that construction will begin.  At that time, we will be able to reenter the building and work on the development of the history of Marshfield.  To date, we have nearly completed the construction of a replica of the first log cabin built in 1872 by Louis Rivers.  We also have allocated some space to complete our military exhibits which there was not room for previously.

"Walk down the streets of time in Marshfield." - Marshfield History Museum

Proposed Displays

  • Fred Beell - Sports
  • Schools
  • Marshfield Clinic
  • Agriculture
  • Marshfield City Hall / Government
  • Newspapers
  • GGreat Mrashfield Fire
  • Laird Legacy
  • WDLB
  • Upham Years
  • Excerpts from Great Depression
  • Louie Rivers Log Cabin
  • Hobo Jungle
  • Adler Story
  • Early Marshfield Businesses
  • Roddis Story / Clothing Display
  • St. Joseph's Hospital
  • Railroads

The building is scheduled to reopen in November.  We should have a good number of exhibits done by that time.  Please check this web site in the fall for a projected opening.

If there are questions, please call 715-387-5867.

Thank you for visiting the official website of the Marshfield Center for History. Throughout this site you will find a variety of highlights and information about our organization and its initiatives, past and present events and exhibits, Wisconsin historical resources, and more. We invite you to stop by the Marshfield Public Library (lower level) in person during our open hours for a visual tour of Marshfield's past (closed until November 2017 for renovation - see announcement above).

Current Exhibit: "Lest We Forget" Military Display

Portrait of Soldiers

"The 'Lest We Forget' display will bring before your eyes the history and stories of those we are indebted to for that freedom.  From the Civil War story of Governor Upham and others, to Afghanistan, you will discover the willingness of our men to serve."

Marshfield Center for History

Historical exhibits are put on display inside the lower level of the Marshfield Public Library in order to help illustrate exactly how Marshfield residents were affected by major historic events.

"If we don't know where we came from...we don't know where we're going!"